Test Pits & Evaluation

Test pits are a necessary step in any situation that calls for subterranean construction or placement of construction materials. Test pits need to be dug and evaluated prior to septic, foundation and undergrounf utility installation. Concrete Works has the expertise, experience and equipment to not only dig and evaluate your test pit, but to install whatsoever it may be that is required once the evaluation is complete.

Proper pits vary depending on the particular constructiuon to be performed, but they all serve the general purpose of testing the soil composition, drainage properties, ground water level and general stability of the terrain to support the desired construction component.

Concrete works can be reached at (603)356-8368 or via email for a free consultation to determine the specific requirements for your test pit and to answer any questions you may have concerning the installation of your foundation, septic system, drainage solution or utility project.