Septic System Repair & Installation

While all septic systems have the basic function of removing, treating and eventually dispersing septic materials they vary widely depending upon a number of factors. The primary factor, of course, is the terrain involved and here in the White Mountains that means, granite boulders, ledge, slopes of all degrees and sometimes erratic soil and sand composition.

Technology in the septic industry has introduced new and innovative solutions that make having a septic system possible in almost any spot you can put a building on. Cocncrete Works can evaluate your septic needs, test for system compatibility and install your traditional or advanced technology septic system and drainage solution or leaching field leaving you worry free from problems that plague many home and business owners.

It is imperative that you find and use a highly knowlegable, adept and experienced contractor to meet your septic system needs. All too often people experience problems with their septic system installation due to lack of these qualities in their chosen contractor. A wise choice would be to contact Dennis Egan and the crew at Concrete Works at (603)356-8368.