Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

Dennis Egan and Concrete Works pioneered insulated concrete form, also known as ICF, construction here in the Mount Washington Valley. Being the first, and for quite some time, the only concrete contractor working with ICF technology gives us more experience and a thorough understanding of insulated concrete forms and their implementation into large and small projects alike. ICF construction is up to 10 times stronger than wood framed structures, typically provides a thermal resistance (R-value) above R-17, provides superior sound absorption, reduces heating and air conditioning costs by 30% to 70%, allows little or no air leakage, and simply creates a quieter, more efficient and vastly stronger structure than traditional wood framing.

Simple. Insulated concrete forms, while initially costing slightly more than traditional concrete foundations and structural elements or tmber frame construction, provide vast benefits that can be realized immediately. Their resistance to decay and insect infestation, superior flexural strength, thermal and acoustic properties and overall capabilities mean you get a building solution that significantly lowers operating costs and increases resale value of your home or business.